Student Accordions


2 voice BC Accordion

These quality wooden accordions come with

Tipo a mano ( TAM) reeds

and are custom setup & tuned in my workshop

and have really fast keyboard action and response.

can be tuned Swing, Wet or Dry

available in BC

suitable for intermediate players

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Case and straps included,

ask for shipping quote

Customers from the USA can purchase without VAT tax!

This is my most popular accordion

Excellent Beginner accordion

Great Keyboard with thumb groove

Buttons go down flush with keyboard holes

This Accordion is available in BC tuning


Lisheen are one of my most popular accordions!

Lisheen Melodeon

new 4 stopper Melodeon

lovely old sound and very easy to play

1 D model left in stock

Price €825

gig bag and strap included


Lisheen Student Piano Accordion

34 Key model

48 Bass

3 voices

2 medium and 1 low voice

Hard Case and straps included

Price €750

free delivery within Ireland

Customers from outside the European Union can purchase without VAT tax!